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Help! I May Lose My Job If I Don’t Date My Married Boss- Female Reader

Hi Ladun,
I am a female in my late 20’s and I recently got a job ( 4 months ago) with a first generation bank in Lagos. My job was going smoothly until a new boss was posted to head my unit.
When he came, I noticed he took special interest in me. Most times insisting I stay with him to finish up work after normal working hours. I thought his interest was purely platonic until one day when he tried to touch me inappropriately while we were working overtime. When I protested he starting telling me sweet nonsense about Why he likes me and why he wants us to be "friends".

Is Jamal Abubakar Dating Actress Rukky Sanda? There Are PHOTOS!!!

After we made this post yesterday ‘IG’s Son Warns Ladies! Don’t Test Your Boyfriend’s Faith’, and ladies started drooling over him,  a LL reader sent me a hint that Jamal, the IG’s son could be dating actress Rukky Sanda and when I asked if there was any prove, she sent these pictures and even said they both attended Paul Okoye’s wedding and Jamal had one time posted their pictures together on his instagram page. More pictures of them together after the cut. Oh well… Good catch! Lol

Photos: How Policeman Attached To Wema Bank Shot Conductor & Caused Disorder On Oba Akran Yesterday

Just as we were yet to recover from the misconducts of some military men who caused commotion at Palmgroove yesterday, few hours later, same yesterday, Friday, 4th of July at around 2pm on Oba Akran road, a police officer attached to Wema Bank, Oba Akran branch shot an ‘innocent’ conductor and another chaos ensued.
Immediately his colleagues at his motor park heard about the incident, they stormed Wema Bank premises, destroyed part of the building and all the windscreens of cars parked in the premises, which mostly belonged to the bank officials and few customers.
The property destroyed are said to be millions of naira. Meanwhile an LL reader who also works around Oba Akran, who saw it all, has this to say…read it after the cut, and see photos too. I wonder when ‘lazy’ men in uniforms will learn to stop being power drunk.

I’m Not Broke & Didn’t Start A Family Anywhere - Kel

Rapper Kel in a new interview with Punch has said she is not broke and neither did she start a family like some people have speculated. While debunking the rumour, the rapper who says she has missed not performing on stage says she will soon be back doing music. A lot of people have said the rapper is broke, and that’s why little or nothing has been heard of her. Here is what she told Punch;

Photos: Tonto Dikeh Steps Out For Naija Fm interview looking sweet

The Duchess of DB records and actress, Tonto Dikeh stepped out today looking sweet in a Swanky's signatures Pant, Zara Top, Louboutin shoes, Givenchy Bag, Dior glasses, a rolex watch and are all time diamond ring for an interview at Naija Fm. Tonto was styled by her long time fashion stylist, Jeremiah Ogbodo of Swanky's signatures styling . You like?

Naija Big Girls Flaunting Their Big Oranges For The Guys

Ladies know that you guys love feeding your eyes with big stuffs, hence they are flaunting. See more below...

LMAO! PDP Candidate In Osun Struggling To Eat A Bitter Corn

I couldn't help laughing out loud when I first saw this picture. This is what you get when a big man is struggling hard to pretend to be a grassroots politician. Omisore can't understand the taste of the corn. *laughs*

I Love To Be A Free Lady, I Won't Get Married ––Singer Belinda

Singer Belinda Ekua Amoah (stage name Mzbel), is one of those babes that find it difficult to be loyal to a man and she's not ashamed to say so. In fact she can have a boyfriend but not marriage. Her words below:
I am not looking forward to marriage because I do not want to feel dedicated to anyone. I want to be my own woman and infact, I am enjoying being a single parent. 
I have no problem being in a relationship; infact, I am currently dating but marriage is a no go area for me. I am a hard working woman with three kids and all this while, I have been doing everything on my own so I don't see the reason why I would allow myself to be pinned down all in the name of love and marriage. I want to be a free bird. If I get married...

Boko Haram Sleép with Me & Free Those Girls; I'm Still Waiting ––Singer Adokiye

Female singer Adokiye has dared the dreaded Boko Haram leader, Shekau, again to take her virg-inity and let the school girls return to their parents. She is very serious and here's what she told Bella Naija about it:

Let’s set the records straight, Is this a publicity stunt to promote your music and image?
I made an open offer to some group of people. The question is why they haven’t accepted my request? They should gather up the girls, prepare them for release and then I am sure they will find out if I’m still a virgin.
Publicity card to promote my music and image? Let me even ask! Promote what music? I have not released any music or plan to even release any music anytime soon. So what music am I promoting?  
As for my image, if crying for freedom for the release of innocent children, a reminder to the nation that kids are still missing is promoting my image, then I say to you, let my image soar!

Photos: Naija Man Who Became A Woman Flaunts Séxy Stuffs

This beautiful lady you are seeing was actually a man. Transgender Miss Sahara want you to see her stuffs...

PHOTOS: Séxy Naija Babe Nkem Flaunts Her "Wicked" Stuffs

If you've not seen this babe called Nkem, you are yet to see real ukwu. Her stuffs are tempting. See below...

PHOTOS: Maheeda Exposes Her Assets For The Guys

She is rough and crazy, in fact she is getting wild. Maheeda is still exposing her stuffs anyhow. More below...

SEE What We Are Doing To Christianity Today

Are we Practising Christianity Right In Nigeria?by Ayodeji Alonge
Before you criticize me. I am not a pagan. I believe God exist and he is Real. I believe in the birth and death of Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus Died for our sins. I also believe in Miracles. But are we portraying him the right way. I keep on thinking are we practising Christianity the write way. We keep on asking God to destroy demons, Keep on telling them to suffer, burn and die. We keep on casting them. But I believe we should ask God to touch their hearts and help them and convert them to do good and do away with their evil deeds.

Davido's First Girlfriend Flaunts Her Massive Sweet Assets

Davido has been crowned the Best Male Artiste in Africa at the MAMAs and his ex-babe Nish Kards is now on a spree of flaunting her assets on the internet, hoping that he is still interested. See all her stuffs below...

SEE What Charley Boy Is Doing At His Father's Burial

Area Fada Charley Boy turned his father's burial ceremony into a 'show' where he was like the king...

PHOTOS: Actress Halima Abubakar Flaunts Her Big Assets

Halima is one of the assets queen in Nollywood and whenever she flaunt people love it. *lol!* More below...

PHOTOS: Naija Babe Flaunts Her Massive Assets

Chai! This chic will give the likes of Mercy Johnson and Halima Abubakar a run for their stuffs. One more...

Daniela Okeke Flaunts Her Assets In New Séxy Photos

Trust Daniela Okeke to always get the guy asking her for more of her assets and especially the big 'ikebe'...

Anita Joseph Wants You Guys To See If She's Séxy OR Ugly

You all have seen Anita Joseph in different pix wearing heavy make up, but you can now see what she looks like without any make-up and decide if she is a beautiful or ugly babe. Check out the photos below...

Actress Rukky Sanda Exposes Her B00bs; SEE What She Got

Rukky Sanda is one of the Nollywood actress who doesn't mind flashing her assets anyhow in our faces but she got more that she bargained for when she posted another raunchy photo. Below is what a fan told her:
"Must u open b00bs for the world to see, dont forget as a celeb so many young girls out there are looking up to you. With your boobs open what lesson do you want them to learn. Live a good life worthy of emulation, Rukky Sandra."

PHOTOS: Actress Rukky Sanda Flaunts Her Séxy Assets

Beautiful actress Rukky Sanda is still flaunting what she's got for you guys. Check out her séxy swag below...

PHOTOS: Actress Anita Joseph Flaunts Her Séxy Assets

Anita refused to marry her boyfriend when he proposed to her recently. Her reason is because she can't go on to marry any man who will make her stop exposing her body for the pleasure of her fans. See things...

PHOTOS: Séxy Naija Babe Nkem Flaunts Her "Wicked" Stuffs

If you've not seen this babe called Nkem, you are yet to see real ukwu. Her stuffs are tempting. See below...

PHOTOS: Séxy Naija Babe Flaunts Her "Killer" Assets

Dear men, appreciate good things when you see them. *wink*!

Husband Caught Pastor Doing Things To His Beautiful Wife: See What Happened

The husband couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Pastor doing things to his wife, he had to take action. lol!

THE TRUTH: APC Will Lose In 2015 If They Continue Like This

APC, Please Get Serious
Let me say categorically that I don’t subscribe to the sentiments of those who think APC is in trouble just because the party recently lost one of the States it controlled in its stronghold of South West. My thesis is very simple. The APC stands to gain from that shock treatment if its leaders are serious about remaining relevant in our political landscape. I have read many commentaries about what went wrong for APC in Ekiti State. Some are right, most are wrong.

While Governor Kayode Fayemi must carry most of the blame, it is pertinent to note that the voting pattern in Ekiti was not a vote for PDP. It was an endorsement of Fayose’s sagacity as a street kid. Ekiti is still largely rural and the people love it when you can lower your nose a bit no matter how educated you are. They want you to savour your bowl of pounded yam and speak your dialect with impeccability. Fayose was the ace for PDP and not the other way round despite the Federal power of intimidation.

Female Police Officer Threaten to Shoot Edo Assembly Speaker On Orders From Above

The Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Hon. Uyi Igbe and 14 other All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmakers, escaped death on Friday after over one hundred armed mobile policemen deployed from Abuja to the state, took over the premises of the State House of Assembly.

The policemen who stormed the Assembly complex at about 11am started assaulting the staff of the Assembly in their offices, ordering them out of the premises. The workers who are involved in the on going renovation of the Complex were equally chased away by the policemen.
Following the pandemonium at the Assembly complex, a visibly shocked Speaker of the House, Uyi Igbe, came out from his office to confront the policemen led by ASP Florence Joseph. 
The female police officer told the Speaker that they were acting on “orders from above” and threatened to shoot the Speaker if he attempted to stop them...

Bedroom Affair For Couples: Why Size Really Matter...

The ‘size does not matter’ anthem seems to be coming mostly from men. Have the recipients (ladies) concurred that the ‘size’ (of a man’s instrument) does not matter to them, considering the fact that a lot of studies have shown that women feel fulfilled when ‘it’ is good sized?

If we have to come right down to the ‘size’ argument, then we will need to go by the countless researches, which have all shown that size does indeed matter (sorry, guys) - much as I believe that a man’s instrument is only one (sometimes) small contributor to manly allure, as far as most women are concerned.

Women are emotional beings; it is not likely that a woman will be turned on by the size of your ‘something’ alone, your ‘conduct’ to a woman can also turn her on and that is the kind of ‘turn on’ that every man should be aiming for - with his woman.
You are in trouble if a woman’s business with you is just about the size of your ‘john thomas’ because there will always be ‘better sized’ ones.

SEE GOBE: Fayose Takes Governor Fashola To The Cleaners

The Governor-elect of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, in this interview with Punch's Niyi Adebode and Adelani Adepegba, comments on the controversy over his victory and general politics in the South-West:

Many were shocked by the result of the Ekiti governorship election. Were you also shocked?
No, we know the facts on ground. We live by realities, not propaganda. There are no Nigerian politicians, serious politicians, irrespective of their political parties, that do not know that Fayose is on the ground and that Fayose’s name is a household name in Ekiti. Despite the fact that I have left office for eight years, I remain with the people. I have fought several elections, for and in support of even the All Progressives Congress. I supported Kayode Fayemi in the rerun. I was the beautiful bride then. It is their way when the going is good with them; when you are fighting on their side, you are the best in the world. Then, you will not be a criminal; then you will not be 419er; then you have integrity, then you will be celebrated. When you are against them; when you humble them, they call you all sorts of names. They look for theories that do not go with reality.

PHOTO: Why Is This Guy Doing This To His Woman?

Abeg what kind of kissing is this? Is he trying to suck out her tongue or what? Nawao!

I Don't Need S*x Toy, Naija Men Can Satisfy Me –Actress Chika

Chika Agatha is one of the rough babes in Nollywood today who is bold, beautiful and has the gust to play just any role in a movie, including pulling everything, provided the director is a professional who knows his job.

In a recent interview you said don’t believe in love, why?
I have come to understand that love means different things in Nigeria. Different things make people fall in love. It could be money, it could be séx, it could be for companionship, it could be for whatever reasons of which some are not really acceptable to me. The only people who have really shown me what love is, are my parents especially, my dad. If it’s the way Nigerians have reduced love to buying chocolate and ice cream, I guess everybody is in love then.

Act Nudé and Get N5m: I Reject The Script ––Actress Blessing

There are still some good girls around, no matter how many rotten ones we have in Nollywood. This chubby and beautiful actress, Blessing Nweke has revealed how she turned down an offer of N5 million to take it all off in a movie. Her reason? She tells The Sun that she values her family name more than riches.
How would you rate Nigerian movies compared with those of other countries in Africa? 
Nigerian actors and actresses, even our movies, remain the best in Africa. In a few years, we will be the best in the world. For instance, I have featured in a lot of Ghanaian movies and could not finish my parts in some of the films because of the frustration I faced. That’s why I backed out.

I Don't Know Anything on Séx, I’m a Virgin –Actress Seyi Hunter

Once a girl can go through secondary school with her legs closed, the possibility of her getting married as a fresh virgin is high. As a result, I do not think people should doubt this lady and her claims.

Actress Seyi Hunter has confirmed that her thing is still close and no man has entered. Sweet! Born of an Igbo father and Akwa-Ibom mother, she started out her career in the Yoruba sector and has since featured in close to twenty films in both Yoruba and English language movies.

Here are some personal information she shared with Showtime Celebrity in Lagos:

I Can Go Nudé, It's Not A Big Deal ––Actress Sylvya Oluchy

You recently said you could act nudé in a movie?
There was a bit of mix-up in that story. They asked me what I think of nudity in movies and I said it depends on the movie. If you’ve watched The Gods Must Be Crazy, the nudity in that movie was done for accuracy because people then went about nudé.

So, when they asked me I said it depends on the script. It depends on the director I’ll be working with because it’s all about the director’s picture, it’s the director’s story. If I know I’m working with a director who I trust, who I know will make everything tastefully done, where it won’t end up looking like some badly made pornography and it’s a good script, I’ll make my decision.

Can you do a séx scene in a movie?
Yeah. I mean in Lekki Wives I have a couple of kissing and romantic scenes, no nudity but there was a lot of kissing and lots of making out so it comes with the job.

Ladies, Police IG Abubakar's Son Has A Warning For You

Ladies, Police IG Abubakar's Son Has A Warning For You

It is funny the way girls reason; when they keep insisting on one-man-one-girlfriend or one-man-one-wife. In the days when men marry as much as 4 wives, there were still ladies who can't find husband and they end up on the streets as "free givers". OluFamous.Com observed that many ladies today are getting to 35yrs or 40yrs in their parents home or on their own without husband because of this craze of one-man-one-wife.

SEE How This Big Girl Expose Her Body Cheaply

I doubt if she assessed herself before living home. What a mess? Anyway, check out a big load below...

Pastor 'Made Love' To Me & Offered Me N2.5m To Kidnap A Boy ––Female Member Confesses

I believe you all still remember the case of Pastor Ernest Nwankwo who was caught days after he escaped from his church in the Ikorodu area of Lagos, in connection with alleged ritual? Well, here is an update:

New information has come to light on the controversial kidnap of a 7yrs old boy by Mrs. Rosemary Chukwu, in the Majidun area of Ikorodu, Lagos.

The woman, who is a Prayer Warrior in the church, claimed in her statement given to the police after her arrest, that Pastor Ernest Nwankwo of the Holy Family Happy Family Ministry (aka House of Mercy) offered to pay her N2.5m if she could deliver the child.
According to Mrs Chukwu’s statement, her Pastor had appeared to her many times in her dream and had even made love to her in dreams before she decided to do his bidding...

Why I’m Angry With Gov. Okorocha + I’m Also A Buddhist- Charly Boy

Charly Boy has explained to Vanguard’s Benjamin Njoku why he is angry with Imo State Governor, Gov. Rochas Okorocha and why he insisted politicians shouldn't try to politicize his father’s burial. He also explained why he stopped being a man servant at a catholic church after 20years and now a Buddhist. Enjoy his interview after the cut...

You gave your father a befitting burial. How did it go?
Everything went fine. We give God the glory. I feel a sense of relief now. Relief, because the troubles associated with burial arrangements have been over. The stress has reduced.
I quit smoking for over five years now,  but I started smoking again about three weeks ago because I was running mental, preparing for my father’s rites of passage.

BAD BOY! Chris Brown Posts Nu*de Picture of Karrueche after Se*x [PHOTO]

Chris Brown was released from the prison not long ago. That notwithstanding, He has started living life without wasting time. This is the picture of his boo Karrueche he posted online today.
Is that good for a just released prisoner?

See Mike Ezuruonye Sucking Baby Feeder

Mike Ezuronye posted this pix online.....Lol!   

Did she or did she not get booty implant?

Some media sources are claiming that Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran is the latest celeb to get butt implants. The pic on the left and centre shows Karrueche's butt before. The one on the right is a pic Chris Brown shared on his instagram page yesterday. Chris has shared two butt pictures of Kae in the last two weeks, like he wants his fans to notice something. And they have, asking him how much he paid to get her a new butt. See the other pic Chris Tweeted two weeks ago after the cut.

MBGN and other beauty pageants should be banned- Etcetera writes

Etcetera now shares his opinion about pageants in Nigeria. He thinks it should be banned...lol. That won't happen. Pageants have been around for decades and will be around for many years to come. I absolutely do not agree with anything he wrote here but read for yourselves and share your thoughts.
Every year, thousands of girls compete in various beauty pageants across Nigeria. While the organisers may believe that they are helping our girls to feel “beautiful,” they are also in many other ways causing significant damage to the self-esteem and body perception of other girls. The girl who won may feel as beautiful as the prettiest woman ever created, but what about the girls who didn’t win? How do they feel? I spoke with some past contestants of one of the pageants (the girls that didn’t win) and asked them why they think they didn’t win, and this is what some of them said, “Because I wasn’t pretty enough,” “Because the organisers didn’t like me,” “Because it is a racket and who knows what she has offered,” etc. Things like this inspire jealousy, low self-esteem, and other self destructive behaviours such as self isolation, social anxiety, eating disorder, drug abuse, personality disorder, bitterness and social phobia among our girls. Continue...


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