Thursday, August 3, 2017

MMM Returns,Adopts New Strategy To Woo Nigerians -AGAIN!!

Money making Ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM), which collapsed months ago, has launched a weekly promotional stunt, aimed at wooing old and new members.

A letter displayed on the pages of participants of the scheme urges them to invite new members. Members must invite new participants and register them as referrals to qualify for the contest.

Our October 1st quit notice stands- Arewa Youths Consultative Forum tells Igbos in the region

The Arewa Youths Consultative Forum says the October 1st ultimatum given to Igbos residing in the region still stands. Recall that the group had a meeting in Kaduna state in June where they gave the ultimatum.
Speaking to journalists in Kano state today, the chairman of the forum, Shettima Yerima, said the quit notice still stands for Igbos who are adamant in leaving Nigeria to form another country. Yerima added that the order exempts Igbos who still believe in the existence of Nigeria. 
“We stand by our notice to Igbo but those who are interested in Nigeria can stay. But for those who are not interested, you can go.Our mission is for peace; the unity of Nigeria is being threatened by the current agitation from the Igbo and we want to make sure that those who are interested in Nigeria stay but those who are not interested should go. The purpose of town hall meeting in Kano is to review the early stand took and we are collecting views of people here from the northwest. We will also move to north-central and north-east on whether to maintain our position or reconsider it. We don’t have the right to force the people to go. So, we are using peaceful means because don’t have police and army.” he said

by Linda Ikeji 

Nigerian man publicly admits to having tried to force himself on a woman, says "15-year-old girls and beyond can't be raped by a single man

Nigerian journalist, Lara Wise shared comments left on her Facebook post by a man, who publicly admitted to having tried to rape a woman after she rebuffed his sexual advances.
He went further to say females older than 15 cannot be raped by a single man. Below is Lara's post and Emmanuel's comments:


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