Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to choose your Business Domain name in Nigeria ( A must read)

Its unfortunate that a big company like U-connect will put down so much money to lunch a reg fee domain like this gr8jobsng.com instead of putting that money together to buy a premium domain names like labourmarket.com.ng jobber.com.ng vacancy.com.ng.
well what do you expect when you don’t have expert on board.
Allow me to use this medium to educate Nigerian companies on how to choose domain names or company names online.
You need a simply, premium domain and brandable domain that is very easy to remember and organic.
A good name that is related to your business, it  will help you to rank well in google search engine and you will not invest a lot of money promoting it.
Just like if you lunch your jobs site with labourmarket.com.ng you will spend less promoting it, because the domain name speak for the business. You need a name that is related to your business, think about a good name first before you even start any business.


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