Thursday, August 7, 2014

Edward Osim talks about why he married Pres. Jonathan's daughter

Godswill Osim Edward, the husband of President Jonathan's daughter Faith Sakwe, has opened up for the first time on why he married her. Speaking with Ovation magazine, Edward said;
"What struck me was the humility of her parents, especially her dad. Both of them do not despise people and do not judge you based on your background. When I got to know her background, then I realized that indeed she was from a good home for her to have kept a low profile in school. I could see that she was indeed a replica of her parents. That is rare these days" he said
He went further to say that as a young man he knew he would be great in life and so was in search of a homely woman who would help him manage the home front and raise God fearing kids. He says in Faith he found that trait. Continue to read what Faith had to say about her husband...

A guy proposed with a car and a ring, I only want the car

From a LIB reader
So one of my boyfriends proposed  to me with a car and a ring today. I want to keep the car keys but return the ring. I really need a car but I ain't ready to settle down. It'll hurt but I know he will let me keep the car. Is this so wrong?


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