Sunday, January 22, 2017

LIB reader responds to Iyabo Ojo's take on infidelity

LIB reader, Chioma Nwigwe responds to the post on infidelity written by Iyabo Ojo. Read what she wrote: "Hello Linda, Great job on your blog. I noticed you posted @iyaboojofespris post on infidelity  on your blog, this is my response to it. I think our young people should know that they deserve better".

Dear @iyaboojofespris 
"With all due respect, I beg to differ. I'm so sick and tired of constantly seeing men portrayed as these helpless animals that lack self control! I simply do not understand why men do not feel insulted by these statements. No human being, male or female is born a cheat. Our society has brainwashed us into constantly glorifying this theory and many men have come to believe this as true. Cheating is ALWAYS a choice. We must come to a point where we make a decision to raise men who understand the value of morality, faithfulness and loyalty. 
As a woman, single or married, you have men throwing themselves at you on a daily basis. We feel everything men feel and are even generally more emotional which makes us susceptible to manipulation. Yet for the longest time, the majority of women have selflessly MADE A DECISION, to CHOOSE their families over a few minutes of gratification. The number of women who are making those choices today is declining, and while I DO NOT support it, it is a direct consequence of being neglected and taken for granted.  Men MUST realise that cheating is simply MAKING A DECISION to choose those few minutes over your family. 
Madam, If for any reason you have found yourself in that position and you have made a CHOICE not to walk away, that is ok, no judgement whatsoever. But we must stop demonizing women who are strong enough to know that they deserve better. And we must stop corrupting the minds of young people for goodness sake! The society MUST STOP glorifying rubbish. Instead of justifying and rationalising immorality,  we must commit ourselves to raising sons who understand that values are still respected even in today's world where decadent behaviour is applauded. USE YOUR VOICE RIGHT OR DON'T USE IT AT ALL! "

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